What is RiskExchange about?

RiskExchange is the smart solution for finding risk transfer options that may cause definable financial loss.

After identification of a risk in your personal life or business, RiskExchange will apply their minds creatively to find solutions.

A consulting fee is payable to RiskExchange based on the scope of the risk proposed.

RiskExchange consults with an Actuary first and after calculating probability, start at the RE insurance markets to scope the risk offered.

Once support and rates are obtained, RiskExchange offers the risk to a South African insurer to manage and support.

RiskExchange will receive a once off payment from the insurer in exchange for the placement of the risk.  If the payment is sufficient, the entire consulting fee or portion thereof may be refunded.  The terms and conditions may be imposed by the insurer and agreed with client on a per case basis, not excluding their general terms and conditions and exclusions.  A fee may also be paid to the introducer.

RiskExchange is separate from the FAIS regulated industry and acts as a support service to the insurance and advisory services industry. If an advisor or intermediary is consulted, the servicing of the client may continue as may be agreed between the advisor and the insurer for ongoing servicing and reviews; and, in satisfaction and per conditions of the FAIS act and any other applicable legislation.

RiskExchange is not a reporting institution in terms of FICA and purely examines the risk and endeavour to find support for exchanging risk on behalf of clients.

RiskExchange inverts and establishes the correct order, putting you the client on top.